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Swing Kingdom - Poly Play Sets

Swing Kingdom

Swing Kingdom poly playsets will transform your backyard into a spectacular playtime adventure.  We have vinyl swing sets and outdoor playsets for families of all sizes.  With over 35 standard playset configurations, plus a multitude of custom accessories, the possibilities are endless.

With an assortment of swings, slides and more, the Castle Tower Series is great for nearly any size backyard, even small ones.  Non-stop action begins the minute they run out the door. With covered lookouts and tons of ways to play, the Double Tower Series brings great style to the backyard - and double the fun for everyone!  For large, active families, the Mountain Climber Series includes fun climbing elements for an easy way to increase exercise and enjoyment for kids of all ages.  With room to let imaginations grow, the Playhouse Series gives children swings, slides, and a very special place to call their own.

Stop by our Red Hook, NY location to see our display models and in-stock playsets and look at choices for colors and other options. Design your own custom Swing Kingdom Playset right here at Bayhorse with our interactive 3D Playset Design Center!


Castle Tower Double Tower Mountain Climber   Playhouse
Castle Tower Double Tower Mountain Climber   Playhouse



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  1. Swing Kingdom C-8 Bridge Escape - Custom Order

    Swing Kingdom C-8 Bridge Escape - Custom Order

    The Swing Kingdom C-8 Bridge Escape has something for the entire family and incorporates many of our best features. Parents can relax on the fan back lawn swing while they watch their children's imaginations come alive. Children can swing on the baby swing, belt swing, three rope tire swing, or on the trapeze. They can climb the rock wall or cargo net to the tower where they will be able to steer with the ship's wheel and look out with one of two sets of binoculars. A short walk across the bridge will get them to the playhouse for lots of pretend play or they can slide down the 10' avalanche slide to get to the sandbox. The C-8 Bridge Escape offers so much, you can invite the whole neighborhood for an afternoon of outdoor fun. Overall Dimensions: 32'w x 18'd x 12'6"h. Space Needed: 962 Square Feet.

  2. Swing Kingdom SK-40 Rocky Mountain Climber - Custom Order

    Swing Kingdom SK-40 Rocky Mountain Climber - Custom Order

    Like the mountains at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, the Swing Kingdom SK-40 Rocky Mountain Climber play system is known for its grand beauty and its challenges. This play set has three different tower heights reached by rock wall, cargo net, or flat step ladder and include a ship's wheel, telescope, binoculars, and a bubble panel. This set also boasts three of our fastest slides and plus a free standing picnic table, three rope tire swing, trapeze, rubber infant swing and two belt swings. The SK-40 is ideal for children that want to take mountain climbing to the extreme. Extreme adventure adds up to extraordinary fun. Overall Dimensions:30'w x 23'd x 16'h. Space Needed: 1,054 Square Feet.

  3. Swing Kingdom C-3 Tunnel Escape - Custom Order

    Swing Kingdom C-3 Tunnel Escape - Custom Order

    The Swing Kingdom C-3 Tunnel Escape offers great big fun for everyone. Climb up the flat step ladder with access railing to the playhouse where the steering wheel is ready for pretend driving. Exit down the 10' avalanche slide from the porch or climb through the 5' tower tunnel from inside the playhouse to get to the two tiered tower. Use the periscope to check your surroundings before peaking through the bubble panel or racing down the turbo twister slide. Once on the ground, relax at the 5'x5' picnic table or sift through the sandbox. But wait, we haven't gotten to the swings yet and there are four to choose from! Bring a friend for the horse rider or basket glider, show off your daredevil skills on the trapeze or go up in the sky on the belt swing. The C-3 Tunnel Escape is like an amusement park in your own backyard! Overall Dimensions: 36'w x 17'd x 13'h. Space Needed: 1,050 Square Feet.

  4. Swing Kingdom RL-10 Cliff Lookout - Custom Order

    Swing Kingdom RL-10 Cliff Lookout - Custom Order

    The Swing Kingdom RL-10 Cliff Lookout offers lots of fun and excitement. With three deck heights of 5', 7', and 9', as well as tons of ways to access the towers, your kids will have hours of fun. They can climb the jungle bars, scramble up the the 5' rock wall or run up the 12' access ramp. While atop the towers, they can use the steering wheel and keep an eye on things through the bubble panel, binoculars, or periscope. At the bottom of the 14' avalanche slide, they will find a 5'x5' clubhouse, tic-tac-toe board, 4'x5' picnic table as well as 2 belt swings and a trapeze. The RL-10 Cliff Lookout will keep them actively discovering the joys of the outdoors. Overall Dimensions: 24'w x 22'd x 16'h. Space Needed: 841 Square Feet.

  5. Swing Kingdom SK-60 Cottage Escape - Custom Order

    Swing Kingdom SK-60 Cottage Escape - Custom Order

    The Swing Kingdom SK-60 Cottage Escape is truly an escape in your own backyard. The adorable 8'x8' cottage, complete with front porch is perfect for pretend play. Through a 5' tower tunnel, children can exit the cottage to the two tiered tower that boasts a ship's wheel, periscope, plus our three fastest slides. There is a rock wall, cargo net, and monkey bars for the climber plus a balance board to work on large motor skills. No need to fight, because the SK-60 Cottage Escape has a swing for everyone. There is a baby swing, belt swing, trapeze, three rope tire swing, plastic glider, and a hammock swing if you want to slow things down a bit. The SK-60 Cottage Escape, a happy place to call their own. An inspiring place to enjoy year after year. Overall Dimensions: 37'w x 24'd x 14'h. Space Needed: 1,312 Square Feet.

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